Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Lifestyle Choice

So, back in November I decided that I was too fat. I had reached 225 pounds, and I felt like a blimp! My sister had been doing low carb since May of last year and had lost about 80 pounds, so she was the inspiration for me doing it.

It's fairly simple, though most people that I tell how I'm losing weight often rebuttal with "There's no way I could give up bread/potatoes/rice/sweets/whatever" and that's when I just shrug and say "my want to be a healthier weight fuels my desire to give up those things." It's not like I have given up EVERYTHING! I still enjoy lots of things that I used to. Moreso actually! I don't count calories, I just eat when I'm hungry and let my body sort out the rest. I do have to "budget" my carbs though, so that's one thing. I stick to around 20 or so a day. I had lost 45 pounds, but then I got off track and gained about 8 back. On Monday we're going back to low carb though, so I'm not super worried about it.

I do find various recipes around the internet. I don't usually  hardly ever very rarely write down the source for my recipes, but if I have who wrote it, I'll include it in any recipes that I post.

Today we went and picked up our new handgun! Buggy fell in love with a little pink camo .22 rifle. Sam said that we should get it for her for Christmas. I told him that if that's what he wanted to get her, then to go ahead! Monkey also would like a .22 as well. I, on the other hand, would really like to have a compound bow. I found a really nice one that has a 5-70 pound draw weight to it so it could literally be used for both Buggy and myself! She has already started looking for pink accessories to go with it. Crazy kid.

Other than that, I've got some ideas coming up for blogging.. including my first vlog!! *gasp* Of course... I don't have any people reading my blog any more.. so... maybe eventually! :-)

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