Monday, September 15, 2014

Little down this morning

So, I got back on my low carb diet this morning. I took my weight and everything before I started so I can get my re-starting weight. I'm a little ashamed to say that it was 192. I was going to start doing some body weight exercises this morning as well, but, my migraine is still kickin, so, no exercising for me. I need to get the hubby to take my measurements as well. Maybe I'll be able to do that tomorrow morning.

Since I've been dealing with this migraine for the 2nd day, I've been doing a lot of TV watching and sleeping. I'm one of those people that cannot sleep during the day, so, if I'm sleeping during the day, you know that I'm very sick or in a LOT of pain. This morning was not any different. I did take some more Imitrex, even tho I only have 2 more doses for the rest of the month now. That makes me a little nervous that I'm using these meds more than I "should" be.

On the other hand, I am considering taking on a new adventure. Sam and I are talking about it right now. I'm not certain about it. It's a home based business, kind of like Scentsy, or ItWorks, or whatever... but it's actually all natural skin care products. You can do home parties or things of that nature. I'm just not sure that I am the right kind of person to do it. I do have one of the best marketing trainers wanting to train me, to take me under his wing, and to help me be successful. I'm just apprehensive because of the start up money that is involved. Maybe apprehensive is not the correct word. Maybe worried? I know that a lot of the home based businesses have a start up cost, mostly for the products that they send you to start your business. I guess we will see. Sam and I have some talking to do before we decide if this is right for our family or not.

I'll keep you all (does anybody read this at all? LOL) informed about our decision. :-)

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