Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eye love going to the Dr!

Remember when I scratched my eye? Well, it kept giving me problems. CONSTANT problems, dry itchy, painful almost every day and when the lights are low, there is a dark blurry spot in the middle of me eye!

So, after much pushing and prodding from my friends, I decided that I should probably make an appointment to see the doctor about it. When I did finally go see the doctor he was very helpful . He gave me some eye drops and told me that if my eye didn't get better that he would put in a referral for me to have a medical exam at the eye doctors. It didn't get better and I got my referral. :-/

I go to the eye doctor yesterday and he says that my eye is really red, and I tell him it's also dry and itchy as well. Basically he told me that I have Episcleritis.

He's also sending me for a CT scan to see what could be causing the dark circle in my vision. I will have more info for you guys in about 3 weeks.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's perfect... and I hate that!

So, I know that have been gone for what seems like a zillion years! Sorry about that! Quite a bit has changed since the last time that I wrote.

So... my eye is still acting all wonky (yes... it's a very technical word!) even tho I scratched it all the way in the beginning of JULY!! I go to the eye Dr on Tuesday. I'm hoping that he can look at it and tell me what's wrong. You would think that a scratch would have healed by now!

The garden wasn't a complete loss, but, it wasn't that great either. Hurricane Irene kinda wiped what was left of our garden out. Of course, there wasn't much left after my trip to Houston!!

Hubs has FINALLY got his medical board findings back! he's going to get 100% medical retirement!! WOOOHOOOO! He's basically decided that he wants to go to school for Electrical Engineering. Which is fine. Whatever he wants as long as he follows through with it!

So, like I normally do, I put the cart before the horse and decided to look at some houses. This is super dangerous!!!! 1) because I always find something that I like II) because I have no idea what areas of town are "good" or "bad" and C) because I absolutely found the most beautiful house that I could ever hope to own and it's significantly less than what we paid for our modular!!! I'll show you guys... it's here. If I could, I would drop everything and move right into this house immediately! Why do I do this to myself? I find "the one" and know that by the time we are ready to move it's not going to be there. :'-(

That's all for now... I'll try and come back and update this with a better post... but.. I thought I would revive the ol' blog here tonight. :-)