Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Life in Pictures - Project 365 Week 2

This past week has been a real roller coaster!!! I'll just let the pictures explain it!

Sunday 09 January - The tradition continues!! Sam made his "Poppa Sams' Famous Soup" for dinner on Sunday! It's basically veggie beef soup, but the kids love it, and he likes to make it, so I don't say any different. Today I had a sore throat, but went to church anyways. I felt better after church.

Monday 10 January - SNOW!!!! I guess Mother Nature decided that North Carolina needed more than one snow this winter. Our first snow was the day AFTER Christmas! (Way to be Mother Nature! Sheesh!) The kids had a blast playing in the snow, and having THREE days off of school! Sam got time off work as well. Fun was had by all. Except for me. My body decided that it wanted to ache everywhere that day.

Tuesday 11 January - Yet another day off of work and school. For Monkeys' birthday he got a big whopping 86 bones, so, he went and bought a bunch of legos, and Buggy wanted to buy a board game for the family with her savings. It turned out that the coupons we had weren't valid any longer (even tho they expired that day) and Monkey gave the rest of his money to his sister so she could buy UBuild Mouse Trap. It's a pretty fun game! Not much like the original tho. This day my ears started feeling clogged up.

Wednesday 12 January - What a better day to celebrate than our xBox/DVD player to go out! :-| I'm NOT a happy camper about this! Now, we can only play the Wii and watch Netflix. I'm hoping that taxes will come in soon and we will be able to get a new xBox. Either that or we can call Microsoft and they will send us a new one. We've had it for a while, but, it's not like we ever go online with it or anything. We use it for playing games and watching movies... that's it! Today, my sinuses felt like they were ready to explode. I just wanted to lay on the couch and do nothing. Sam slept almost all day. He finally got up when dinner was done and as soon as I was done with dinner I went to bed.

Thursday 13 January - The laundry my husband did while I was sleeping Wednesday night. He sort of instructed me that I needed to have it all folded and put away. I sort of told him to stick it where the sun doesn't shine, and even that I had to squeak out. Thursday I woke up with a squeaky door mouse voice. Sam got Monkey up and mostly ready for school while I was still sleeping. Sam got ready for work and left. I got Bug up for school and she came and laid down with me before she had to leave for school. Today I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck and I stayed in bed all day. I called and got a doctors appointment for 5pm. I was going to drive myself, but, when it came time to walk out the door, I felt very weak and light headed and asked Sam if he would take me. They were out of flu tests because of the storm we had earlier in the week. One of my two favorite doctors was there and he guessed that I more than likely had the flu, as well as both a sinus infection and ear infection!! I was given 4 prescriptions and shot of antibiotics in the booty and instructed to stay in bed until at least Monday. Turns out I'm not a very good listener.

Friday 14 January - Today was pretty boring. Sam got off early because of MLK Day on Monday. He spent the majority of the time that he could have been at home enjoying being off early running around getting medication for me. I felt pretty good, so I decided that I was going to make dinner and participate in our Family Meeting. This turned out to be a very bad idea. I did make dinner, and it was pretty darn good! I sat down while I was waiting for dinner to cook and tried to participate in the meeting. My mind was severely clouded by snot and I couldn't concentrate AT ALL! By the time I had dinner out of the oven, my body said "Hey! You're supposed to be in bed lady!" and started to wear out. I overdid it. I ate my dinner, took a dose of my cough medicine and was back in bed and asleep by 7:30!

Saturday 15 January - I must have been sleeping really well, because I woke up with Bug and Sam in bed with me, and Monkey laying on my side of the bed in his sleeping bag! Sam had also folded the laundry and put it away while I was sleeping! I didn't hear a sound! I tried to get out of bed and make breakfast, but, I only got as far as making my own breakfast and I had some angry tiny humans ushering me back to my bedroom. Every time I tried to come out of the bedroom someone would give me the stink eye and tell me to get back in bed. Sam and the kids cleaned the majority of the house today! We had told Bug that she could go spend the night with her friend, but, she wasn't there at the time she told her to come over, so, while Sam and Monkey went to watch Tron: The Legacy in 3D. Bug was pretty upset that she didn't get to go, but we didn't buy her a ticket because she was supposed to be spending the night with her friend!!

So, that brings me to the end of this week! I notice in my Saturday picture that Monkey is starting to really look like a young adult. *tear* Before too long, I'm not even going to get hugs in public any more!! *gasp* I'm sure that someone is going to try and keep me from going to church tomorrow, but, I don't think a wild heard of bandicoots could keep me away! Bed rest or no bed rest, I'm not missing church! (Okay, really, it depends on how I feel in the morning.)


momma frans said...

the picture of your kids in the snow is too cute!
hope you feel better!!! stay inside where its warm!

Tiffany said...

Enjoyed your post and pictures. Hope you feel better real soon! I'm looking forward to Sara's P365 this year!

Kim said...

Listen, girl, you need to MILK THIS FOR ALL IT'S WORTH. teeheehee
Let them bring you breakfast (and lunch and dinner) in bed, and clean the house and do the laundry, while periodically bringing you hot cups of tea and treats to "make you feel better". If you gotta feel bad, may as well feel bad in the best way possible :)

Seriously, hope you feel better SOON!


Loved the picture. I love family life shots. Hope you feel better soon....having the flu and the others on top is no fun for sure.

sara said...

So sorry you have been sick..ugh! I was sick over New Years and I am with Kim....milk it girl!!!! :)

Mimi said...

Please try to get your rest. My husband didn't listen and is still not well after 3 weeks!

My boys are 15 & 18, so public hugs are pretty much prohibited *sigh*.

Have a great week,

The Bug said...

Listen to your doctor! I know it's too late & you probably went to church, but I would have advised you to stay home for you body's sake. I'm only being so adamant because despite my cold I went today & sang in the choir - and we had our annual church meeting - and I'm wrung out. I had started feeling better, but now not so much. And you're sicker than me. So there :)

rita said...

Que te mejores pronto!!!=Get well soon!
You are blessed with a caring family. Loved all the acts of love.
I liked the laundry pic, so colorful. Even better that hubby folded the lot for you!

RaD said...

I hate being sick. I hope you feel better soon! It looks as though you were under the weather you still had your camera handy. I agree with Kim, milk this for all it's worth!

LuAnn said...

hope you feel better soon.

That is awesome your husband likes to make soup too.

Rebecca Jo said...


My husband got that on his xbox before & you would have thought the world came to an end!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness how awful. I am so sorry you were sick. It looks like you had a great cheering section and I am sure that helps, but even with a cheering section no one does it like mama...hard to be down for long.

I hope your week is MUCH healthier and better!!

Pamela said...

Mmmm, the Poppa soup looks so good. I hope you're feeling better this week.

Kristen @ said...

haha that is hilarious! I guess you can take the ring back but only if you make your own and show me how it turned out!