Thursday, January 27, 2011

Customer Service

Back when Sam and I first got married, we set out to make a life with each other. It wasn't easy. We didn't really have much of anything. We had our clothes, a TV, a laptop, and an Xbox. We lived with my friend Steph, and her husband Steve (RIP). When we got our first "married paycheck" from the military, we put our deposit down on our place, which was almost right next to Stephs house. It was a small 2 bedroom single wide trailer. I'll admit, it was kinda crappy, and the 2nd bedroom was barely big enough to hold a twin bed, but, it was our home for our first 6 months as a married couple. The landlady was a sweet old lady who lived with her husband and son until her husband passed away. It was very sad. :-(

Anyways!! When we got down to the nitty gritty, we didn't really have much of anything other than things that were borrowed, loaned, we bought off friends, or were given to us. We didn't have a church wedding, and it was so close to Christmas that we didn't really expect anyone to really buy us anything anyways. So, we needed pots and pans. We went to WalMart and found a really nice set of inexpensive pots and pans that we liked. It was the Eco-Friendly Tramontina set. It had everything that we needed for just us. It was a nice set! We really liked it, until all of the non-stick coating started coming off. Well, we bought our house, and we packed everything up, and then when the coating started to REALLY come off, we couldn't find the product warranty. We just decided that we would eventually get a different set of pots and pans. 

Well, right around Christmas time, we'd had the set for about 2 years, and every single one of them had some varying degree of the non-stick coating coming off, I decided that I was going to write an email to Tramontina, and let them know how dissatisfied I was with their product. A few days later, I received an email back, letting me know that they would be happy to exchange my pots and pans for a different set, and gave me 2 different sets to choose from. I stewed on this for a while. Both sets were very nice. One set had a big saute pan, like we have now, and 2 skillets, as well as one stock pot and 2 smaller pots. That's the one we chose. The other one, was stainless steel, and had no saute pan but came with a spoon and a slotted spatula. While I like the look of these, I wanted my saute pan! I hope I don't regret that choice! 

Well, here is the part that I really liked. When I contacted them, she said that she would send me a label to send our current set back to them and they would be destroyed. I contacted her back, and I let her know that I couldn't really send the entire set back to them, because we wouldn't really have anything to cook with. We do have a couple odds and ends, but, not really enough to consider it functional without my "main 3" my saute pan, my stock pot, and my 2qt pot. So, she told me that what she would do, would be send me a label, I could send 2 or 3 of the ones that I didn't use as much back to them, they would ship out the new set with a label inside the box and then I would just simply send the rest back to them when we get the new set! How cool is that?! 

Overall, I wasn't overly impressed with the Eco-Friendly cookware set, but I am SUPER impressed with the customer service! The cookware did come with a lifetime guarantee, so, they are living up to that. Overall, I think that Tramontina is a pretty good company. They do have some nice products, as well as less expensive products for those that are just starting out. (Or starting over) I give the Charwood Seal of Approval to the Tramontina company!!

Tramontina is not paying me to make these statements. Tramontina, other than knowing I have faulty cookware doesn't know anything about me. I just simply thought that my readers would enjoy hearing about a company that gives great customer service! :-)

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