Thursday, January 27, 2011


So, Sam and I are going to pay off some debts with our tax return instead of doing other things. We're HOPING that we can continue on with the track that we have set for ourselves for the next year and things will stay relatively the same. (Tho a better paying job would be nice!)

We have decided that we are going to use the "snowball effect" to pay off our debt. Together, we have quite a bit, but, it looks like in about 19 months from this tax return, that we will be free of debt, other than our house and cars!!

Well, okay, maybe not COMPLETELY debt free. I'm sure there are a few things on my credit that can be paid off so that way from there on out only good credit will be on my report!

Sam and I dug ourselves into quite a pit with credit card debt and the like. We come from the "instant gratification" generation, tho I think our kids will be "worse" than we are. In 18 months, I don't know what I'm going to do with an extra almost $1000 a month!! Well, yes I do. We're going to start fixing up our house, saving for retirement, and for college expenses for the kids. I think I can deal with the crappy red and brown walls for another year and a half.. hopefully! Once we are able to REALLY fix this place up, I'm positive that it will look FANTASTIC! I'll be able to get Sam the wood working tools that he really wants, we will be able to get the outbuilding that we really need, replace the fencing with wooden fencing, get a doggie door, build a porch, a new dinning room! Oh man! I can't WAIT till next spring/summer!!


Mimi said...

Oh what fantastic news. I go for a disablilty hearing in early March that will make or break us financially. It seems like I've been waiting forever.


The Bug said...

That is great news! I wish I could say we would be debt free in 18 months - but it will probably be more like 18 years for us :(

Mama Rizzo said...

I certainly wish we could be debt-free in that amount of time. Well, we could, if we went the bankruptcy route. Which may still happen - the medical bills follow you, even though they SAY they don't.

Congratulations to you! It's a huge accomplishment. :)

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