Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nothing like shopping to make you feel fat and pretty at the same time!

So, for the past couple of days, things have been a little tense at the Charwood household. I've not been feeling "pretty" and it sort of rubs off in the way of me causing petty arguments with Sam.
Yesterday I thought, while I was out, I would just pick up a clearance dress from Old Navy, which is my most favorite store. Now, any of you that know me, know that I don't wear dresses. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl! I'm not girly. I don't even brush my hair unless I have to! So, for me to say that I wanted to feel pretty so I went to buy a dress is something that shocked my closest friends. That's just not something that I do! Also, I'm not trendy. Not even a little bit. I look at some of the things that other ladies are wearing around the blogosphere and I think "Wow! That looks amazing! I wish I could wear that kind of stuff and be that cute!!"

Well, I ended up wandering around Old Navy for a while, going "Oh man... I don't really see anything I like that's on clearance!" Well, I finally found something that I REALLY REALLY liked! It was a grey dress, and it had goldenrod yellow and navy blue butterflies all over it for $7! I then found a goldenrod cardigan (only $10!) to put over the top. I picked up my size L and headed to the dressing room. The dressing room attendant says how nice it looks and that she would have never thought to put those two together. I was pretty impressed with myself! I picked something incredibly cute, all by myself (even tho it was sitting right next to each other, but that's besides the point!) and put it together to make an incredibly cute outfit! Go Jacque!! Wooo! I get in the dressing room, happy with myself, proceed to put it on, and... I hate it. It looks like I've put a giant tent on! I was so sad! And of course, because it was clearance, they didn't have a smaller size. I don't know that it would have looked right on me even if they would have had a smaller size. I ended up getting a cute pink shirt that's all ruffly and will go great with slacks or with jeans that was on clearance. But I still wanted a dress!

So, I went back out and perused a bit more. I did find a dress that I really like. It wasn't on clearance, which is why I didn't just grab it in the first place. It was on sale, but, it was more expensive than what I had originally picked up. I tried on my new wares, and I walk out of the dressing room to stand in front of the big mirrors so I can talk myself out of it. The attendant tells me that I look very nice and even another shopper tells me the same. I decide that I'm going to go ahead and purchase said dress.

I'll give you a little sneak peak of my wares. I did have my lil Bug take a picture of me in my new outfit, which I posted on facebook, but, I would really like to have a NICE picture to put on here, so, I'll just show you the clothes!

The necklace isn't the exact same one that I got, but it's close! :-)

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Nicole said...

I thought your outfit looked super cute on facebook!