Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin!

So, Saturday we went to a local church for a "pumpkin pickin." It was more like a "pumpkin pick out" than anything tho. They had all the different sizes laid out for you to pick from. Which was really nice! You basically knew how much it was going to cost before you even got up there to pay for it. Some places don't do that. You could pick out your "perfect pumpkin" only to realize that it's $25 when  you go to pay for it!! :-O I don't know about you, but, I'm not exactly willing to pay that much for something that we're going to carve and basically destroy within a couple of days of having it.

Saturday afternoon my friend Keona sent me a text message asking if we wanted to go pick out pumpkins up the road from where we live. She lives about 10 minutes up the road from us, which isn't that far. We all met last year at Brownies. Our daughters became fast friends and so did we. When I was married to my ex husband, for the first year of our lives we lived in roughly the same area in Colorado. Bug and Len have become best buddies and Keona and I love to share recipes and have cookouts together. We have shared a few birthdays and holidays together. I'm going to be very sad when Keona and her family move. :-(

I got some really good pictures of Bug and Len, and all 3 of the kids, of our two kiddos, and even got a couple of Sam and I! When I started to download all the pictures in the camera, I even found some older ones of the dogs! I've been pretty slack about posting pictures here lately because I just haven't found a photo manipulation program that I like, that won't cost me a kidney, and part of my lung. I finally found PhotoScape, which was free to download, and it has a lot of the same things as Photoshop, but, not as many. I know that I could probably download GIMP, but, I really don't feel like learning all of that! So, here is my first attempt at manipulating my photos!

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