Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Morning Goodies!!

Ahhh!! I LOVE Monday morning!!
Kids go back to school, the house gets quiet, I get in a FANTASTIC workout, and (!!) I get to give all my lovely readers the scoop on Giveaways and goodies!

So, my favorite giveaway site, Dandy Giveaways, has a few that I wanted to make mention of for you. There is a giveaway for a 10th Anniversary BRATZ doll here. I'm entering because my lil Bug loooooooooves BRATZ dolls. Evident but the 2938623 dolls and 938465827346598340598 accessories (including a bus!) in her closet.

Next is this WONDERFUL Mom & Daughter purses. They're adorable!! Bug likes to try and match colors with me when we dress to go anywhere. It's a good thing she doesn't try to dress like me tho, she would be stuck with t-shirt and jeans forever! Anyways, the post for the purses is here. Adorable!

The last giveaway for this post is a SodaStream. These look SO cool! I would LOOOOOVE to have one!! It's basically like having your very own Soda Parlor!! I'd seen a review on another blog (she reviewed it for CSN, another store I've fallen in love with!) and she really liked it! I like the endless possibilities for soda! The link for that giveaway is here.

And I have a goody for those of you that actually DO read my blog! Old Navy (My Heaven!!) got it's one millionth like on facebook, so, they decided that they would give all the Old Navy followers a special treat on Sunday. I knew my giveaway day was on Monday, so, I SAVED the coupon to share with all of you! Just click and print! It's valid 10/26-10/28. One per person and can be used online as well! :-D

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Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Thank you! How did you and Old Navy know that my ever growing son needs pants, again.
I will be putting this coupon to good use.
Thanks for sharing :D