Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, we're still working on getting everything ready to move. We've reserved the truck, got most things packed and have the bodies to move it all. I had left the electric, cable, and water for Sam to take care of because he said that he wanted all the utilities in his name. No big deal. I ask him today when the electric is supposed to be turned on, and he said he hadn't called yet. What about the water? Hadn't called yet. Cable? Hadn't called yet. He asked me if I had called to set up the trash yet and I told him no, because I just found out today that there was no more trash service at the new house. He knew without a doubt that we were going to need at least the water and electric on before we moved into the house! So, I've given him a list of places to call tomorrow to get things rolling. I will be calling the trash people and setting that up and finalizing the day care for the kids. I've been bugging my boss about changing my schedule so I can get off earlier so I can make sure that the kids get picked up before daycare closes. Oh! And I just found out that Sam has a 24 hour duty Friday and won't be home until after 8am on Saturday. He's not going to be much use to us for moving purposes! This is going to be so much fun. *sigh*


Michele said...

Good luck on getting the utilities turned on in the next 2 days!

That One Girl said...

Well we did it!! LOL