Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, it's been a while since I've posted here. I know, I'm a bad blogger!

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately. I turned a year older, which was pretty uneventful, if i do say so myself. The hubby made me a cake, which was really good. A butter cake with chocolate icing! How well he knows me! My best friend J got me Sims 3! But, I guess what S bought me has to beat just about every other birthday present I've ever gotten, (sorry Mom!)we bought a house!

It's a pretty nice place! Three bedroom, 2 bath, fenced in back yard. So now, the kiddos are coming back from Grammys' and will live with "Poppa Sam" and I. We're all super excited to all be back together again and can't wait to have the 2 kiddos and the dog here in North Carolina!

Today was extraordinarily hot! The little thermometer on the computer says it's 90, but I think it's closer to 100 out there! It feels like your skin will melt right off of your body! So, I'm sitting in the living room with my very wonderful husband watching NCIS. It's a rerun, they're always reruns on USA! It's okay, I enjoy watching them with him.


Michele said...

Good thing you got back to this blog while you could still say you are a '20 something girl'!! Wait much longer and it will have to say,,,,

That One Girl said...

Har har har! I think next year I will go backwards... LOL