Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's hot!

So, it's officially 93 degrees outside, but according to it feels like 103! UGH! I absolutely hate hot weather! I've got a horrible sinus headache and I feel like shoving black-out curtains on every window in the house and turning the AC down to about 50 and taking a nap. I'm sure that it doesn't help that I'm sitting here with a laptop on my lap with the nice hot air blowing on my legs!

Most people think somewhere along the lines of "Hey, it's hot, we're close to the ocean, lets go to the beach!" Nope! It's tourist season here in the coastal regions of the Carolinas'. That means that locals rarely go out to their favorite places. I guess I'm going to have to get really inventive this year and find a nice place to go to the beach that not everybody knows about. I guess that I could go to Onslow Beach. It's military only, but the hubby isn't high enough ranked to get the good beach. Oh yes! Everything is divided by rank on a military base, even the beaches! The really good part of the beach belongs to the Officers. They even have their own little store and everything.

Today, the hubby and I ventured out long enough to go to the local mall and get the new lenses for my glasses. I had originally ordered my awesome glasses (They're orange and brown!) with scratch and glare resistant coating and Transitions. When I recieved them, the only had the scratch and glare resistant coating so they had to order new ones. They do work now! Sam thought it was really cool when we walked outside and they automatically started turning darker to protect my eyes from the sun. They continued to work inside the car as well when they changed to slightly tinted. We then went to Best Buy. We're thinking of doing some upgrading on the kids computer so we can use it for more than just for the kids to play games on. We found a really nice package deal on an Insperion desktop bundle. It was the tower, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and an all in one printer for a little over $500! We didn't end up getting it, but now have an idea of what to save some money for in the future. We realize the kids won't be children forever and will start to want to play more advanced games than the ones that they play now, so inevitably we will have to buy a better computer.

I think tonight for dinner will be left over chinese food that we got last night and watching Miss Conception that we got in today from Netflix. Just a lazy Saturday for us this weekend.

Monday we close on our house and will be home owners! We're both very excited and nervous about this. We realize that when the water heater breaks after Monday, we can't call the landlord anymore to have it fixed or replaced. We are the landlord! It will be an adventure, that's for sure!

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