Monday, November 7, 2011

Red beans and rice

So, tonight I made red beans and rice. Don't get too excited, it came from a box. ;-)
Sam and Monkey spent the day on base. I called them at lunch time and apparently they had decided to have lunch at the bowling alley. About 3 hours later, Monkey calls me and tellsme he doesn't feel well. They finally got home a little less than 2 hours later, and Monkey sat on the front porch and got sick in my flower bed. :-\ Poor fella! After he got sick,he said he felt much better. I guess we will see how he feels in the morning.
Bug came rushing in the door and said he was goin to the neighbors because it was her birthday. Way to let me know ahead of time so we could get a card. Frustrating!
Tomorrow is Sams going away party. We're going to his FAVORITE place in all of Jacksonville, Mongolian BBQ. I'm not quite sure if we've ever taken the kids here or not. If not, I guess it will be a new experience for them. Let's hope they don't throw a fit and actually eat!
I'll try and get some pictures from the Going Away/Retirement party tomorrow and post them! :-)

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