Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's been a while

I'm still here I promise!

I've just been super busy!!

The Ivy Hill is doing well! We've been learning lots of new things about gardening! It's a lot of fun that's for sure. The apple trees are heavy with small green apples! There are quite a few apples for such small trees. Our 1 lonely pear is still workin it's way to maturity! We only have ONE of the original tomato plants left, and it's not even in the ground.. it's in a pot on the back porch. Maybe that's what's saving it.

Last week Sam and I took our neighbor to the doctor because she was complaining of being dizzy. She "repaid" me by giving me some tomato plants for our sad little garden. She started them from seed as well. I guess I just need to be more proficient at sewing seeds!! Sam and I put them in the ground yesterday... but today they are looking a bit sad. :-( I sure hope that todays heat didn't kill them. Of course... I also hope that us putting some shredded paper in the soil with them isn't hurting them either!! If these tomatoes die... I think I'm done with gardening for a while.... LOL

Our beans are doing really well! They're currently being attacked by some bean leaf beetles tho... so.. we're trying to remedy that situation. I think we might be okay tho. Yesterday there were LOADS of them... today I only seen a handful. Of course... this was after I got the grand idea to dilute some dish soap and spray all the plants with it. I think I may have inadvertently killed one of Monks pumpkins.... about an hour after I sprayed them it was looking pretty wilty and not very happy with it's bath. :-/ I guess we will see by tomorrow or so!

The candle biz continues to grow. I think we may add soap to the mix as well!! That way we would be selling candles AND soap! Not sure how I'm going to go about things yet tho.

My birthday is in a few days. My mom has been in a kick of posting photos of us when we were younger on her blog. I'm almost half scared to see what she's going to post of me. I was a rather geeky looking child!! Sam and the kids already got me my birthday presents, but, I'm sure that they won't be able to resist getting at least SOMETHING for my actual birthday. I'm really hoping that it's a day off!! LOL Mom and Kevin got me a BEAUTIFUL picture album from Shutterfly. It will surely be one that I keep forever!

The kids last day of school is tomorrow!! AAAHHHH! From there we're planning a trip to Texas, probably late in July. Buggy starts cheerleading for the pee-wee football team in August as well! She's very excited to start that.

Okay.. well.. I think that's all I have to say for right now!

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The Bug said...

Happy happy birthday!! We're enjoying our little garden (by "enjoy" I mean I like to watch Mike water the thing). We'll see if it amounts to anything - I just like watching them grow.

I think you need to send me the link to your mom's blog :)