Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harvest weigh in... with no weight! :-P

So.. I don't have anything coming out of my garden yet, but, we're getting closer!

Here are the cukes this morning. They're really starting to get big!! They do have flowers, but they're inside the tangled mass of vines. :-P

Remember that ity bitty bit of watermelon vine from last week? Yeah... that's this week! And this is inside...

Monks pumpkins are growing well...
and it finally has a flower!! I'm pretty sure that this is a male flower tho... so females can't be far behind.

The strawberries runners have runners! I'm not quite sure if I should cut these off or let them go. :-/

The tomatoes are continuing to get bigger and bigger! We're going to buy some more cages on pay day. They keep SHOOTING up! There is considerable size difference in just a couple of days with these guys. It makes me really happy that we are getting closer to having something edible from our garden.

The corn is getting bigger as well! Should be about another month and we should have some fresh corn on the cob!! WOOOO!

In other news... I've got about 50 newly hatched snails. I gave away 6 (I think) egg clutches and still have about 8 more. Apparently they are starting to hatch as well. The eggs that have already hatched for me are purple and ivory. The ivories are so darling! I did keep another clutch... and I'm thinking about keeping one from Bugs tank as well. She might have some nice blues! That would be really awesome.

Monk has been doing a summer "refresher course" on 6th grade. We worked on some math problems today and he found 2 incorrect answers on the answer sheet! Good job Monk!

I'll be ordering more supplies for Charwood Candle in the next couple of days as well. Still not exactly sure what I'm going to order. I guess I better nail that down before I go to order, eh? We still have some of the others left, so if you want to know send me an email here and I can let you know what we have left. :-)

Other than that I think we're pretty much done with news! :-D


Journey11 said...

Love the watermelon "baby" picture. ;) Hope he grows up to be big and juicy!

Jared77 said...

That watermelon picture is great. It looks great.

Snails? What kind?

That One Girl said...

I have Apple snails! They're not really big enough to do much of anything... but they have a lot of personality! Yeah... I know it sounds weird... LOL