Sunday, June 26, 2011

So... I'm just going to say it...

Since Sam is due to get out of the Marine Corps soon... we've been looking into government jobs that he might be able to do. One of those jobs is the Environmental Protection Agency. We LOVE this job. Not only does it make use of his biology degree, we're both passionate about saving the plant. We've planted a few trees in the yard, we're wanting to grow more produce and meats on our own or buy locally so we can cut down on the amount of traveling that our food does, we don't use paper towels, we're looking into putting up a clothes line. Just a few things we've done, or want to do to help just a little bit. (Oh... and Sam bought a Hybrid... LOL)

The thing about this job tho is... we would have to move. The job is about a 2.5 hour drive from here. We're okay with that tho! If we DO move... we want to get a place with more land. When we started talking seriously about this EPA job, of course I got excited and started looking at houses in the area. Of course I just happened to find one that I fell in love with. Head over heels!

It's a 1901 farm house on 8.6 acres! It needs some TLC, but, I think with the right tools, Sam and I could really put it back together... as long as it was structurally sound. I mean... if it needed something done with the foundation or anything like that... we'd be screwed! But I think things like new windows, repairing walls, flooring, things of that nature... I think we could do that! The one thing that I've seen from the description and pictures is... no central air and baseboard heat... ACK! That means that we would need to put in central air... or window units... or just be warm in the summer!

Oh! I did contact a realtor about it... she said that there is train tracks behind the house, but the train only goes through once or twice a week... and that they just opened a rock quarry up the road. Oiy! The rock quarry thing is a bit concerning... but... living here... large blasts mean essentially nothing! I think it would hard to get used to no helios, no busy country road, no Marines, no commissary, and no "lets take a trip to the ocean tomorrow"!! But... I think that living in the country would be so great. (Other than the mosquitoes and ticks..... and JUNE BUGS! *shudder*) There are farmers markets, and it seems to be a quaint little town! The realtor is super nice! She said that she would stop by and take a few pictures for us on Monday. I was really impressed by that! I think that even if we don't get this house... that when we DO move... we will probably use her. She's been super awesome. :-)

Other than that... we have some other crazy news in the area. There's a wild fire blazing about 30 miles from here. They've got it about 20% contained at the moment, and have said that it's not jeopardizing any homes at this time. Which is a great thing!! This past week we went to MCAS New River to have a family fun day and the smoke was just terrible!! When we got home from that it was "snowing" ash at our house! It was hot. muggy, and just all around miserable! Also... every time I walked outside I wanted a s'mores! (Even more terrible!!)

Ivy Hill looks fantastic!! (Other than our "holy" beans... stupid bugs!) I checked on it this morning when I woke up... and before the fog rolled in (where did that come from? wasn't here 10 minutes ago!) and everything looked great! We have a few watermelons going, one of which is already the size of the end of my thumb! Cuh-razy! The first planting of corn is getting really tall! It's already to my hip, and some of it is taller than that! The tassels are starting to come out on a few of them as well. Here in about another month, I'll have me some fresh corn on the cob! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!


USMCWIFE said...

Good Luck!!

Molls said...

The house sounds amazing! This sounds like a wonderful chance!

The Bug said...

Ooh that sounds exciting! When would he be applying & find out about the job?

Molls said...

um wow, the house is freaking amazing! It looks like it might just need some paint? It looks great on the inside! and such a amazing price for the amount of land attached to it! Fingers crossed for you sweetie!!