Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rolling right along!

So, I failed again this week for Project 365! I stink!! I swear! :-(

Anyways! On to good news!

I got my new shoes. Sam gave me a $100 budget for running shoes. This is how much I paid for my Nikes, so, that's what he was expecting, especially since I told him that I wanted a pair of Brooks that were $80. Well, I went with my friend Keona to breakfast, and then we went shoe shopping. I found a GREAT pair of Adidas that I fell in LOVE with! They were grey, white, and light baby blue! They were comfortable, and PURDY!  Then I found a pair of Asics that I fell in love with the gel padding in it. They are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I have ever worn. So, I bought them both. I got them BOGO 1/2 off, so, with tax and everything for both pairs of shoes I paid $95! I immediately called Sam and said that I had good and bad news for him. I then told him that the bad news was that I had bought 2 pair of shoes. Of course, his reaction to that "Why did you do that?! I told you that you had a $100 limit!" Then I said, "Well, the good news is that for both pair I paid $95 total." HA!!

We've bought a few things that we've needed for a while. We got some lawn stuff. We got some new hedge trimmers because our old pair broke. A pitch fork because Sam is starting a compost heap. We got some new mulch for the trees, and a few other things in the way of lawn care products. We also bought a couple grape and blueberry plants. We probably won't have any of those this year, but we should have some apples and pears! We bought those a couple of years ago and last year the apple trees produced a couple of apples, but nothing that really would have made anything.

Our biggest purchase was a new desktop computer! It's something that we've needed for a while actually. All we had was the laptop that Sam bought after his last deployment.... in 2007. Now, don't get me wrong, I loved that laptop, but, it was coming to the end of it's life! If you didn't keep it plugged in ALL the time, it would die within 5 minutes, it was barely running some of the programs that we needed to run. This one will be able to run the programs and then some! I did have a little hitch when we first got it home tho. I set everything up, I had to put a hole in the bottom of the desk because I didn't have anywhere else to put the stinkin tower! Then, I had to undo everything and redo it because I put it on the wrong side!! ACK! THEN! I couldn't get the wireless to work. I finally called Staples, which is where we bought it from, and they tell me that it didn't come with wireless ready!! GRR!! I had to break out my old trusty USB wireless adapter. Oh well! It works, and that's all that matters. :-)

OH YES!! I finally got to order the supplies for Charwood Candle! A week from Monday, I should be receiving all of my supplies and I will be able to rock and roll!! I've even already had my very first custom order! A massive 4.5 pound candle!! It's a good thing the customer is local, I don't know that I would have the ability to actually ship that! If you want to check out our candle blog you can do so here.

Things are winding down here for the evening, and I'm getting the kids off to bed, and then I will put myself into bed so that way I can get up bright and early and go jogging!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and that your week is just as great!! :-)

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The Bug said...

Yay to everything good! I'm glad you got new shoes, a computer & candle stuff.