Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Life In Pictures - Project 365 Week 8

This week was a bit crazy!! I thought I had forgotten to take a picture, but, I guess I was mistaken!! Woot!! I made it thru an entire week without forgetting to take a picture!! HOORAY!!!!

Sunday 20 February - Church was great!! Honestly, I don't remember much about Sunday other than church and dinner. Oh, and that I didn't watch Extreme Home Makeover because we were too busy watching something else! (I watched it with the kids on Monday!) I made dinner on Sunday. We had Lasagna Soup! I also made home made Garlic Parmesan bread sticks. Man oh MAN were they good!! I love it when hubs cooks for me, but, sometimes I just have to take the bull by the horns and cook anyways!! ;-)

Monday 21 February - HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY!!!! To be quite honest, I'm not really sure why we celebrate Presidents Day, but, the kids got a day off school, and everyone was happy. We all went to the park. I tried to take some pictures of the kids. I got pictures of Bug, but Monkey decided that he wanted to ride his scooter more than he wanted to get his picture taken. The boy on the left is our neighbor. He sometimes tags along with us to various events.

Tuesday 22 February - We delivered MORE cookies today. Eventually we are going to get them all delivered... that is if we can stop ordering more! :-D

Wednesday 23 February - The kids and I were playing around. Sometimes we just like to make silly faces. Our first picture together as a family, my mom took. We took several right in front of the Christmas tree, and my mom, the wonderful photographer that she is, always takes fantastic pictures, so I had no doubt that we would have great pictures. Well, the only one that actually turned out, was the one where we were all making funny faces. So, it's now our family tradition to take a silly faced picture together every year at Christmas. :-)

Thursday 24 February - Sam had an episode today at work. He thought it was a seizure!! I was really scared when he told me about it. He didn't think it was that big of a deal until later when he talked with his Cognitive Therapist. It was then he decided that maybe he should go be seen in the ER. We had a quick dinner, I dropped Bug off at our neighbors house, who also happens to be her Girl Scout leaders house, and her co-leader had said that she would watch her for the night. Monkey came with us because we didn't really have any other option. He is 12, but I just don't feel comfortable leaving him at home alone for more than about an hour. We got to the ER and checked in at 6:30

Friday 25 February - This was just after midnight. This was about 30 minutes after we got a room. Yes. We sat in the waiting room at the ER for just about 6 hours before we got a room. On the right side of the bed, Monkey is sleeping on the floor with about 3 blankets on the floor to make it not so hard. I eventually joined him, and in total I think I got about 2 hours of sleep. We left at 4:30. Monkey got to stay home, and we slept a little bit after I took Bug to school. On the way to school, we heard a Group 1 Crew song, and Bug says "Mom!! This isn't KLove!!!!" I say to her "Nope! It sure isn't! This is Big Fish tho." she then says "Mom! You KNOW we should be listening to Christian music!!" I got a really big laugh out of this because Group 1 Crew is in fact a Christian group, they just SOUND like a secular hip-hop/R&B group.
**EDIT** Sam is fine... he had what is called a Vasovagel episode. It basically is where you heart rate and your blood pressure drop at the same time and you feel like you're going to pass out. Sorry to leave you all hanging!! LOL

Saturday 26 February - This was gas on the way to Family Fun Ice Cream Social. I almost cried when I seen the total! I guess that's what I get for trading my small stick shift 4 banger family car in for a V6 SUV! It's okay. I don't really go that many places, and a tank of gas lasts me 2 weeks. We did have a blast at Family Fun tho! It was hosted by our church, and Sam was dubbed "Connect 4 Champion" because he kept beating all the little kids... what an honor! ;-) We stuck around after wards to help with clean up, and I played with a few of the kids. We all had a lot of fun.
This is Sams rootbeer float. That's right. That's a rootbeer float!! It was made with Cookies and Cream ice cream, had more cookies in it, gummy bugs, M&Ms, whipped cream, and a cherry!! Monkey had about 4 bowls of ice cream, and several handfuls of candies, and Bug had at least 2 bowls, and several candies. I, on the other hand, contained myself to 1 chocolate rootbeer float, and a couple handfuls of gummy bugs!

I can't wait for next weeks P365!! :-) I've got a great surprise for you all!! :-D


sara said...

you left us hanging!!! did he have a seizure? is he ok?

That One Girl said...

LOL!! I guess I did, didn't I?! He's fine! The dr said he has what's called Veso Vagel... basically his blood pressure and heart rate dropped at the same time and he almost passed out. We thought it was MUCH worse... but... glad it wasn't! :-P

momma frans said...

I'm glad Sara asked, cause I was about to!! glad he's ok!
that lasagna soup looks delicious!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Hoping all went well with the ER never said. My youngest son has epilepsy and it can be scary at times. Good thing for great friends to help out. That RB float looks amazingly yummy...i think i want one!

Mimi said...

Yep, I want to know how your hubby is doing, you forgot to tell us!


Rebecca Jo said...

ME TOO!!! I'm anxious to know how Sam is doing!!! I can see he's well enough to down an incredible looking root beer float though :)

Gas Prices = depression!!!!

Lasagna soup? Never heard of it - but I'm intrigued!!!

The Bug said...

Love the pic of you guys making funny faces :)

The last picture is my favorite - except for the root beer part LOL. Glad Sam is ok!

Misty said...

I wanna cry every time I go to the gas station. Ours is up to $3.67 right now but it's probably already gone up again.