Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Josh Grobans' new album!!

So.. one of my FAVORITE singers is Josh Groban. He has an absolutely AMAZING voice and he plays beautifully. One of the first songs I ever heard him sing (Other than You Raise Me Up) was Remember When It Rained. Man... that song still moves me! It's beautiful and powerful and it's just moving!! I'm not sure that he's a Christian artist, but, that song is so very spiritual, at least to me!

Every once in a while tho... I like to have a good laugh. This video clip, tho it does have one bleeped curse word, made me laugh very hard, and it incorporates my lurv for Mr Groban! Enjoy!

*Edit - of COURSE it has to pop up on the ONE section that has the curse word! LOL

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