Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I won! I won! I won!!!!

I did it!!! I won the lotto!!

Okay... I fibbed. I didn't really win the lotto. Tho... $182 million would put a damper on the debt calculator... that's for sure!! I think we might be able to pay off our debt and redo our house. With that much money I think we could plate everything, including the blades of grass, in gold! LOL Could you imagine? Gold plated grass. What a waste of money! LOL

Anyways!! I'm sure you all are wondering what, in fact, I did win! Well, let me tell you!

I won purse patterns!!! :-D I LOVE purses... which is a pretty stark contrast from what I was just a couple of years ago. I remember when I first moved to NC, I carried a wallet... in my back pocket none the less!! I was SUCH a tomboy!! It's a wonder how I even got a date... I swear! I guess it's a good thing I'm cute!! ;-)

Let me tell you a little bit about the shop that I won the patterns from. She has a fantastic Etsy shop called Arm Candy For You. She has some ADORABLE purses in there! Way better than I'll be able to make, that's for sure! You guys should pop over there and check out her stuff!! So so SO cute!!

I'm such an optimistic seamstress. I think things like "Oh, that should be really easy to make... I could just *do this* and I could make it!" In reality, it more than likely doesn't work that way. But, I don't know because I've never actually been brave enough to draft my own pattern for anything other than a dog coat. (That's right... my dog wears clothes. Only the hounds tho.)

I also found so ADORABLE patterns for some clothes for Bug as well from Mythology Patterns, who is on vacation until 05March. She also has some patterns for adults as well! I might just have to get a couple and make similar outfits for Bug and I.

In other news! Our neighbor gave us a fish tank! We're going to put this one in Bugs room. Right now they have 2 giant Plecos, and what I think is an Angel fish in the tank. I'll more than likely take those to our local pet store and trade them in on some colorful guppies. Now, we have a ton of some guppies, and they're breeding some quite beautiful colors, but, they're getting to the point that MOST of them are orange. I think I need to get a few different colors in there. Maybe some blues and yellows?

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