Monday, July 6, 2009

Trouble at school

So, today I dropped Monkey and Bug off at school, and Monkey and I had a small talk before I left, and I told him to be good and keep his hands to himself. He's not well known for being able to contain himself very well. I get a call right before my first break from the daycare and I'm freakin out thinking that Monkey had done something wrong. It turns out that that they spotted some marks on Bug and thought she had a rash. It was from the mosquito bites from the July 4th festivities. The day is going rather well, then I start getting calls at the managers desk from the daycare. It turns out that Monkey isn't doing so well. He's being very disruptive and doesn't want to talk to anyone. I end up having to leave work. Apparently, he was mad at one of the boys in his class and he was hungry. So, instead of telling the director what was wrong, he tried to bite her! He then hit one of his teachers.
He and I talked to his teachers about different ways to get him to come out of his shell. I told him that he needed to be more vocal with his teachers. We came home, did some work writing out our letters and doing some reading. I'm in the middle of making dinner now and doing some more laundry!

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Michele said...

I truely feel your pain!! I've been there and done that; main thing is to hang in there and be consistent. He doesn't handle change very well. I hope things go better tomorrow,,,