Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bug Flu!

So, this morning around 5am, Bug comes crawling in Sam and I's bed and says "Mommy, I don't feel good!" I feel her and she is burning hot! I proceed to call out of work, while I get a cool wash cloth and some water for her. I, unfortunately did not have any children's Tylenol or Motrin, or a thermometer! Sam gets up, gets ready for work, and quickly heads out of the house. He doesn't do sick people well. I put Bug in bed with me, wipe her down with the cool wash cloth and try to get her to go back to sleep.
Around 7:30 Monkey comes in and wakes us up and says "Mom! We're gonna be late if you don't get up!" I tell him that Bug is sick and that they won't be going to daycare today. They were both a lil bummed about that, but, there's not a whole lot that you can do when they're sick! I guess I could have sent Monkey to daycare and just kep Bug home, but that wouldn't really be fair.
I call TriCare to make sure that their primary care provider is mine as well. I guess it's a good thing that I did because they were still registered in Ohio! I then call the doctors office. They didn't have any available appointments for today, but I wasn't going to wait! I went as a walk-in, and it seemed to take forever, especially with Bug whining because the chairs are uncomfortable, that she wants to be held, that it's taking too long, that she doesn't feel good, etc etc, and the other one whining that he doesn't want to sit close to his sick sister! We finally get seen and the doctor wants to test her for strep and the flu. Well, she has the flu! Poor thing.
We get her scripts and we head to Walgreens next to my work because I got a doctors note saying that I don't have to return to work until Monday. It's all going to be on her and how she feels. I'm not going to push her to go to daycare tomorrow because they are going on a field trip and I don't think that she should have to walk around all day in the sun and such. It might just be too much for her.
She is now sleeping on the couch with her "bucket" next to it, while Monkey plays Mario Kart on the Wii. I, on the other hand, am catchin up on house work! So much for a day off work!

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Michele said...

You're lucky she didn't say "Mom, I'm going to be si,,,," and proceed to throw-up in your bed!! *L* I bet Sam would have proceeded to run then!!

Tell Silly-Jilli-bean I hope she feels better soon.