Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday 5

Okay, I'm a thief. Yup, call the Blog Police now. I have committed the worst possible offense in bloggerdom!

 I STOLE this post from Nicole. I think it's a fantastic idea! (Yes, I've seen it many many times Nicole... just never stole it from you before.... LOL) 

Basically what it is, you say what in the past week has made you thankful, giddy, happy, excited, and adored. So! Here we go!!

I was Thankful this week that Sam and I finally worked out our issues with personal transparency. 

I was Giddy when I ordered my new workout video! (If Kristy can lose 90 pounds using it, I can lose too!)

I was Happy Sam told me that he changed one of our magazines (that we never read) to a subscription to Boys Life for Monkey.

I'm really Excited that Sam told me that we're going to go to the Gator Ball in the Spring! (If he's still in) Which means I don't get to go to the MC Ball in November (which kinda stinks), but I'll be in much better shape this spring! :-D (Silver lining people!!)

And I felt really Adored when Sam, Monkey, and Bug all told me that I looked really pretty. :-D


A Marine's Wife! said...

how dare you steal stuff from me!? ;)

That One Girl said...

*gasp* I didn't think you would ever find out! *giggle* ;-)