Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

So, this morning has been quite the morning! Sam and I stayed up late last night and watched Stargate SG1 and went to bed around midnight. I specifically told the dogs "We are sleeping in tomorrow! No barking and waking us up until at least 8!" But they didn't listen, barking started at 7. They never listen! They're worse than babies, I swear!

I decided that I would be a nice wife, and let Sam sleep in. It's 9:17, and I've not decided yet that I'm going to go wake him up. The last couple days I let him sleep till around lunch time and then went and bombarded him with kisses and told him to get up for lunch. We have been having meals a little backwards for the last couple of days. Breakfast is still our normal cereal or toast (Shakeology for me!), but lunch seems to be the big meal of the day. It's strange, but, oddly it's been working for us! I know it won't stay like that. Today it's going to be a light lunch, and a bigger dinner.

The kids are enjoying the day off today. As much as they love (or dislike) school, they're both glad to have the day off to lounge around and watch TV or play video games. Currently, at (almost) 10AM, (Yes, I realize almost an hour has passed since the last paragraph) they're playing Super Mario Galaxy. It's a cute game, plus, they have to work together! It's a glorious thing to see my two kiddos getting along!

As I said yesterday, I have started a new blog about diet & exercising. Here's the link. I would love to get more followers on there. Later today I'm going to post my "mini-meatloaf burgers" on there!

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