Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 2: Your favorite movie

Well, I will spare you the long post like yesterday. Todays' post will be right on target!

Way back when, we lived in a small town, where it was safe to actually let your kids play outside unattended, let them roam around and never have to worry about much of anything. If you got in trouble in the town that I grew up in, chances are, your parents already knew it before you got home anyways. In our small town, we had all the great things there are to have in a town, without having a large corporate company in there. We had a grocery store (IGA), a gas station, flower shop, pharmacy, couple banks, a couple of ice cream places, tho one was only open a few years at a time, restaurant, and a video store, so on and so forth. Now, all of these were locally owned places, save the IGA and the gas station, tho the owners of both of them lived in town, but there were "corps" behind their stores.
When I was a teenager, about 15, and this movie came out that was just the bees' knees for me! It was rude, crude, and all about girl power! My best friend Amy and I rented this movie so many times, I'm sure my mom was leery of sending me to the video store to get movies. (I'm sure Mom and Amy know EXACTLY which movie I'm talking about... LOL)
My favorite movie of all time is.... 
Tank Girl!! Lori Petty in this movie is amazing!! I can't give you an exact reason why I like it so much, I just think it's a hysterical movie! C'mon! She falls in love with a half human half kangaroos! It's just an awesome movie. I've had many many people buy this movie and find it as hilarious as I do. It's worth a watch. Even if you have to find it on NetFlix or some other obscure off the wall way. It's worth it... really!

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Michele said...

I never got so SICK of one movie as I did this one!! It was the dumbest thing I ever saw (and yes, I did watch all of it ONCE).

Child of mine, you just ain't right!