Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday weigh in

I'm not going to lie. I'm going to keep it real here.

I've had a VERY emotional week, I did way too much eating, not enough exercising, and I gained FOUR POUNDS!

This sucks... sucks terribly!! I don't EVER want to see another increase in the scale ever again! :-(

My husband and I ordered Insanity. It's going to be TOUGH! I know this, and I TRIED to tell hubs that I thought he should start with something a little "easier," but that's what he wanted. We're going to do it together, starting next Monday, 09July. I just hope that after a few days, when he's sore in places he didn't know he had, that he will still keep it up! If he doesn't give up, then neither will I.

I'll also be restarting my 90-days of blogging again, even tho it's only a 60 day program. Hubs will be home for 1 week, and that will hopefully be enough to get over the initial soreness, and keep him active when he travels again for work.

I'm going to clean up my eating again this week.. do a few workouts... see if I can't lose a little bit this week!

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The Bug said...

I'm sorry your week was so emotional - but I totally understand your response to it. I often wish I had a blankie for comfort instead of food, but that's just the way it is.

I lost .6. Sigh. This is the story of my weight loss journey - How To Lose 60 Pounds in Two Years. Ha!