Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project 365 - Week 2

Yes yes I'm a little late. Sorry!! This week was not exciting at all. I only have a few pictures to show because we were completely broke, waiting on a paycheck, and I basically stayed home and cleaned and waited for our paycheck to come in. 

08 January

Buggy had a sleepover with a couple of her friends last night. I made a GIANT stack of pancakes for everyone. The one girl I swear had to live under a rock. She didn't know how to cut a pancake, didn't know how to make hot tea, and even said she had never HAD tea before! GAH! How do you get to be almost a teenager and not have had tea or know how to cut a pancake?! Flabbergasting! 
After breakfast and a bit of clean up, I sent the girls home so we could get ready for church. We LOVE our church. We're not a huge church, but, at the same time, we're not a super small church either. We had grown big enough to have the need for 2 services, so, I guess we're doing something right! :-)
We then went to Walmart and had to pick up a few things. The kids spotted a display of suckers and asked if they could have one. We decided that we would all get one. Four giant suckers for $2... not a bad deal in my book! 

09 January

I get the kids off to school, get my workout in, throw a load of jeans in the washer, do some dishes, then I clean the kids bathroom. This is when my week decided that it was going to take a DRASTIC turn towards crappy week. I've told the kids that because it's THEIR bathroom, they need to be responsible enough to clean it, but since I have company coming over on the weekend, I decide that I would go ahead and help them out and clean it. At least that way I KNEW that it would be clean at least once that week. This is where I'm glad it was me and not one of the kids. I spent the rest of the week stressing about the hot water that was trickling down the kids bathroom tub drain.

11 January

My Spiderplant is blooming!!!!!!!!!!
I got this little plant as 4 tiny little starts from my friend Meridith. She told me that her plant was dying, and that she knew I loved plants so she wanted to brighten my day with these little guys. That was about a year and a half ago, and now I've finally got my OWN starts! :-)

13 January

FINALLY PAYDAY!! The very first thing Sam and I did was go get the stuff to fix the shower. We talk to a very nice man at Lowes who tells us where we might be able to find the shut off valve for our house. (It wasn't there.. but it was close!) We buy a new faucet, some caulk, a new handle piece for the toilet, and some gorilla glue to fix the broken toilet lid. (Yes.. I know... very redneck-ish, but it worked!) We get home, I put one some old clothes so I can low crawl about 100 feet to find the water shut off, then low crawl back about 100 feet.

That crawl takes forever... trust me on this! Now, the only way to actually get to the back side of the shower to get the parts off of the shower... we had to take the wall panel off of Monks side of the wall!!!! It was a mess!! (hence the first picture...) We actually had to make THREE trips to Lowes that day. The first time to get the stuff, the 2nd time because we bought the wrong faucet, and the 3rd time because the PVC pipe was so brittle that when I tried to tighten the bolt on the new faucet it broke! Sam helped some... but I did the majority of the work myself. After all was said and done, I low crawled about 400 feet, changed clothes 3 times, and FINALLY got to take a long hot shower! (No long hot showers since Monday mind you, only short, luke warm ones at best.) I was going to make homemade pizza, but by the time everything was said and done, we ordered pizza and soda. My friend Kimberly showed up about 6:30 to stay the weekend.

14 January

My best friend is having a little girl in April. Her favorite color is red, and she is by FAR not the the girlyest girl I've met. She doesn't like pink, so getting her cute little baby clothes is sometimes tricky. She also doesn't like flowers or anything like that on her baby clothes. SO! We all had gone to the PX to do a little shopping and I found this ADORABLE baby outfit, but I knew she wouldn't like it because it was pink. I then started looking around and I found several I really liked, but then I found the one in the picture. I knew she would LOVE it... so I bought it. I also got an ACE bandage because my knee decided that it did NOT like something that I did to it, and it wanted to swell up and be a real pain in the knee!! We ended up renting some movies and staying home the rest of the day.  I had a really great time with Kimberly over the course of the weekend.

I know that there were no pictures for January 10 and 12... but literally all I did was housework. Boring picture.. ;-)

If you want to look at what other people are doing for their P365... check out Saras blog here!


The Bug said...

What a pain! I'm glad you were able to get it fixed.

You do know that you live in the south now right? Land of sweet iced tea? When I was a kid I only knew that hot tea existed because I had an aunt from Pennsylvania visit occasionally - but I never even TRIED it until I had graduated college! The only reason I tried it then was because I was in Zambia - they used to be a British colony, so hot tea was what you got there.

Now the pancake thing? I have no answers for you there!


I found the pancake story a bit bizarre. I was impressed with you ability to fix the water. Impressive. ZI have been drinking tea...hot and cold....since I was old enough to walk. My parents drank hot tea instead of coffee.

rita said...

Aw, spiderplant, I used to have some.

Cute, cute little dress!

Hope this week is going better :)

Nicole said...

I tagged you in a post pretty lady :)