Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365 - Week 1

It's that time again folks!! Project 365... or should it be 366 since this year is a leap year?? Anywho!!

I'm not going to waste any time... just jump right on in! :-)

01 January

This is my lovely Mommy and myself. We watched football on Sunday. This was Moms last full day here. Her and my Step Dad got here on Christmas Eve, but Kevin wasn't able to stay as long as my momma. Monk turned 13 on the 31st, so momma wanted to be here to celebrate with him. We had a lego cake. Oh.... and Sam retired from the Marine Corps. WAHOO!!

02 January

The kids went back to school today. Mom and I hang around for a while until it was time to leave for her to catch her flight. I was sad most of the day, and was really sad after she left. :-( I miss my mommy! Sam and I indulged in our guilty pleasure and watched The Bachelor. All I can say is JENNA IS CRAZY!!!! 

03 January

Yes yes... I know Jillian isn't on The Biggest Loser any more... but I love her SO MUCH!! I usually throw a few choice words at her from my living room 6 days a week as I feel like I'm going to die. (Oh yea... I started working out again on the 1st!) I also watched Celebrity Wife Swap (another guilty pleasure...) but I spared you from pictures of Gary Buseys' teeth. You can thank me later. Another rather boring day today. 

04 January

A mostly boring day... except for soup!! I LOVE me some potato soup! I made bread bowls as well. I was going to throw in some bacon for a nice "loaded" baked potato, but when I got the package out I was greeted to ONE slice of bacon. I think SOMEONE *cough*Sam*cough* made some without me knowing.  It's okay tho. Bug didn't want bacon anyways. 

05 January 

I can't help it... I'm a GIANT fan of Grey's Anatomy. I'd never even watched the show before I met Sam, but he watched it and got me hooked so now I am utterly addicted! I mean... why wouldn't you want to be addicted to Derek Shepard, Mark Sloan, Alex Karev, Jackson Avery (drool!!!), and Owen Hunt?! Good question, eh? I know it's not like REAL doctors or anything.. but it's okay! I like the eye candy. :-D

06 January

This makes me a bit sad. I found out that they're taking EM:HE off the air. :-( :-( This is one of the "feel good" shows that we would watch as a family. There is only going to be one more, which is next Friday, and that's it other than a few specials sprinkled here and there. I have my issues with EM:HE, but, for the most part, it was a great show. I wish that I could somehow find a way to keep the good deeds of this show rolling. Maybe someday after I win the lotto.

07 January

This was Monkeys FAVORITE day this week. A few months ago, our Xbox petered out. It gave us a red ring of death and wouldn't work. Well, Sam and Monk decided that they would try and take it apart, clean it up, and see if it worked. They worked for a good 10 minutes getting the case off of it without breaking any of the parts needed to keep it held together. Finally after taking it apart, getting it to work, and then dropping it and having to take it apart again, they finally got it fixed. We basically just used it for a DVD player when it was in the living room, so we told Monk that since he helped fix it, that he could put it in his room once it was clear of the the junk. I don't think I've ever seen him clean his room that fast!! Bug had a couple of neighbor girls spend the night and I went to bed early. Sam got everyone into bed around 11 and then fell asleep in the couch. Oops! 

If you want to take part in the P365, just head over to Sara's blog here and link up!


sara said...

so glad that you are joining us!!! it's always fun to meet another P365er!

I never watched Grey's until I started going to the gym last year. They don't allow you to change the channels on the TV and it's always on when I am there. However, I don't know all the story lines so it's hard to keep up!

LuAnn said...

So glad you joined us. We are big Green Bay Packer fans. Why - we live in WI.

Have fun!!!

rita said...

These seven months we've been rebuilding our home we have not had TV. I wonder if we will get back into the old shows we used to watch?
For now tho' moving and settling are priorities!
Have a great week!

semperfi said...

Welcome!! Loved your soup & bread bowl, looks delicious.


Love that soup bowl and I too love some potato soup....or just soup period. I hat ethe EHMO is going off the air. It was a feel good show and I loved the fact that so many deserving people were helped.

The Bug said...

That soup bowl looks yummy! I'm glad Sam & Monkey got the Xbox working again - that's a nice feeling of accomplishment (plus it got his room clean again - ha!).

momma frans said...

welcome to p365!!

yes,Jenna is nuts!!!

Molls @ O hushed October morning mild said...

wow, That airport brings back some scary memories from MCT, lol