Monday, October 3, 2011

Today is just NOT my day!!

This morning is NOT looking like a good morning for me... not even a little bit.

Our friends Bob and Keona are leaving today, so we had a little cook-out get together here at the house last night. Well, since there were 4 kids and 4 adults, we let the kids sit in the living room and eat. Their lil guy who is 2, was sitting on the floor eating his mac & cheese and hot dog so I decided that all the dogs should be in the dog/laundry room. Now, we were doing some hard core cleaning yesterday and Sam (in all his wisdom) put every single piece of clothing that was on the floor in the dirty clothes. Now, normally I do a fairly decent job of putting clothes up and hanging the ones that need to be, but lately it's gotten away from me. Well, HALF of the clothes that were in the basket were clothes that still needed to be put away and were sitting in front of Sams dresser for him to put away, which were still folded. *sigh* While we were having our little get together, the laundry was sitting in the laundry room, in baskets, waiting for me to run it thru the appropriate cycles of wet and dry, along with the dogs! Well, Dusty must have a love of khaki pants because she pulled a pair of Sams pants right out of the basket, pulled them into her crate, and chewed the button right off the top!!! I discovered that this morning when I went to feed them.

But the first thing that set me off was when I woke up! Doc woke me up an hour early by barking FROM THE LIVING ROOM! Apparently Sam had slept on the couch (again) and shut the door to the bedroom with only Dusty and Lilly in the bedroom (where she has no problem not chewing clothing... strange) and so during the middle of the night he must have gotten cold or something because he went into the kids bathroom and tore out every single bit of TP and everything else that was in the trash can (I have no idea why TP is in the trash can and not being flushed down the toilet) and placed it in various areas of the house ranging from the hall to the bathroom to the living room. There is a nice little trail actually!

I noticed before I even got out of bed that Sam didn't hold up on his end of the bargain for having the windows open last night! It was FREEZING! The current temperature is 38 degrees at almost 8AM. It was colder when I woke up.... almost 4 hours ago. Sam was SUPPOSED to close the windows up before he came to bed... but I guess his argument will be that he didn't come to bed so he didn't have to shut the windows. *heavy sigh* When I asked him last night where my big, thick, keeps-me-warm-at-night comforter was he responded with "I threw it away because it had holes in it." *sobbing* So, instead of having a sheet, a throw, and comforter so I can turn my fan on and drown out his TV show... I have a sheet and a throw.... and a Greyhound... LOL There was NO WAY I was turning on that fan... not even pointing away from me! It was already cold enough as it was, but when I tried to get Sam to shut the windows... noooooooo!!! I have a feeling that I'm going to come down with a cold sometime soon... :-/

OH! Remember my last post about going to the eye doctor and needing a CT? Well, the drops are working a bit, but now I'm on 2 drops because the itchiness didn't go away. I was supposed to have a CT with contrast, but apparently my body doesn't want the contrast!

A couple of days before I was supposed to have the CT done, I was having episodes where it felt like someone was punching me in the chest and walking away, complete with the feeling that I couldn't catch my breath. I complained about it to my bestie and she said "Well, you have been anxious a bit lately, maybe it's just anxiety?" I chalked it up and went on about my daily business. That evening I started having REALLY bad chest pains! It felt like I got punched in the chest, no matter how deep I breathed I didn't feel like I had enough oxygen, it hurt to breath, move, my arms were tingling, it felt like someone had their hands around my throat right under my jaw bone and the pain went up into my neck and my jaw was tingling! So, of course, I send my loverly sister the Cardio Nurse a text message asking her what I should do, and she said that if I were one of her patients she would send me to the hospital. So, we packed up and went to the ER. When we got there, there were quite a few people there, but, I was having some SERIOUS chest pains and figured that I would be called back to at least triage right away. NOPE! They gave me a beeper and told me to have a seat. I sat in the ER for more than 2 hours before I got fed up and decided that whatever the ER could do for me right there, they could do for me in the morning, and I walked up to the front to tell them we were leaving, and that I was SHOCKED they hadn't even gotten me into triage in the 2 hours I had been sitting there. So, of course the nurse gives me some crap answer about being busy with other patients while she was looking for my chart.... which she couldn't find! When she finally finds it and looks at it she tells me that if I continue to have discomfort to come back. It was terrible. I thought I was going to die. It hurt so bad! I did eventually fall asleep (after saying my prayers extra well... just in case... ;-P)

The next morning was my CT... and I told them of my chest pains and they told me they couldn't do the contrast and to go to the dr. So... we went back to the ER. It was MUCH better in the daytime! Right into a bed and hooked on about 6 different machines! My starting BP was something like 156/89 (when it's normally about 110/72) with a resting heart beat of 112 (when it's normally about 80). I got some tasty (Seriously! I wanted more!) orange Asprin, blood drawn, chest xray, EKG, all kinds of stuff... and it was all within 10 minutes of walking in the door! Of course, they all asked me why I left and I told them exactly why. If I was going to die, I would rather it be in my own home and not in the ER waiting room. They asked me all kinds of questions that I didn't exactly have the answer too (family history stuff... I'm never good with that stuff....) They said that they were okay, but not normal, and told me to follow up with Cardio. Well.... the way our insurance works is, we have to have EVERYTHING done thru our primary first, and if they can't do it, then we're sent to a specialist. When I made my appointment it was SUPPOSED to be Dr Hott-stuff, but apparently he couldn't make it because it was Dr I'm-50-and-think-I'm-20 Hippy. She told me that there was NOTHING wrong with EKG and that if I insisted on being sent to a Cardio then she would put the referral in but didn't think I needed it. She also told me that the thing that the ER dr was calling "suspicious" could be anxiety... then she changed her mind and said I probably had heartburn and was going to test me for some bacteria via a needle stick, gave me a script for what is basically Malox... then changed her mind again and said it was a heart murmur. I took my 2 EKGs and faxed them to my sister. ;-)

I have to call today to see if they got my referral back yet so I can see who my dr is and get an appointment set up. I was going to try and get back into shape, but I think that I will wait until I get the all clear from cardio before I decide to do any exercising other than some yoga and some squats and crunches!

Overall... It's been a CRAZY last week!!!!

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The Bug said...

Wow that is all CRAZY! I sure hope everything is ok with you.

Now, the important thing - Sam must have been insane to throw out your comforter. Really! That's grounds for divorce right there in my book :) Just kidding. But I hope you're getting a new comforter today!

P.S. my word verification is "waill" - ha!