Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eye love going to the Dr!

Remember when I scratched my eye? Well, it kept giving me problems. CONSTANT problems, dry itchy, painful almost every day and when the lights are low, there is a dark blurry spot in the middle of me eye!

So, after much pushing and prodding from my friends, I decided that I should probably make an appointment to see the doctor about it. When I did finally go see the doctor he was very helpful . He gave me some eye drops and told me that if my eye didn't get better that he would put in a referral for me to have a medical exam at the eye doctors. It didn't get better and I got my referral. :-/

I go to the eye doctor yesterday and he says that my eye is really red, and I tell him it's also dry and itchy as well. Basically he told me that I have Episcleritis.

He's also sending me for a CT scan to see what could be causing the dark circle in my vision. I will have more info for you guys in about 3 weeks.

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The Bug said...

Well that's annoying - if the drops didn't work what are they doing for it now?

I'll be praying for you for your scan. Keep us posted!