Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CRAZY Christmas!! :-D

Well, the holiday season was a bit crazy for me this year! I was crocheting blankets for the kiddos this year, and Bugs turned out really, REALLY well!! I just had Monkeys to finish. I had an infection in my finger and had to go to the doctor for a follow up to see how it was progressing in the way of healing. Well, it wasn't healing as well as the doctor would have liked, so, he lanced it open! He pumped my finger full of local and... well I will spare you the grody details. I still felt it... it wasn't fun. He then covered it with gauze and more tube gauze, gave me a 'script for more antibiotics and some Vicodin. Oh LORD did I need the Vicodin about 2 hours after I got out of the doctors!! Ooooh man!! The local started wearing off and man oh MAN did my finger hurt!! I decided to take one. While I was on the Vicodin, I decided that the giant gauze thumb looked like Santa, and painted a red hat and smiley face on him. Of course, this put an end to my crocheting. :-( I didn't get to finish Monkeys blanket, but, I told him that I would finish it for him when I gave Bug her blanket. He was very understanding and  told me that he wanted my finger to get better before I started working on his blanket.

So.. I was doped up for most of Christmas, and it still hurts a bit to type, but I can't just keep taking Vicodin, so, I just suck it up! :-)

Anyways! I will try to get some pictures up today!

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