Friday, November 5, 2010

I hate the cold!! and other news

So, just so we're clear here, I grew up in Ohio. It's cold in Ohio. We like to joke that there are 4 seasons in Ohio; cold, winter, construction, and almost warm. That being said. I DO NOT LIKE BEING COLD!

When I moved to North Carolina I got on the plane in Cincinnati, Ohio and it was 32 degrees. I had my "Eskimo" coat, my cat, and my Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide as carry ons. I made a stop in Atlanta I think it was, and then boarded a small plane to fly to Wilmington, NC. When I stepped off the plane in Wilmington, North Carolina, it was 72! I was in HEAVEN! That was almost exactly 4 years ago today! Sheesh! I wish it were like that today! No sir! It's was a beautiful 48 degrees this morning! FORTY-EIGHT! NO! This can't be right! when I first got here I was walking on the beach with no shoes and a tank top on! How can this be?! *sigh*

Yes, I realize that 4 years ago my body was used to always being cold most of the time. I realize that if I went to Ohio right now that I would turn into a Popsicle and die because right now in Ohio it is 36 and it is 45 here... wait... it got colder?!?! *sobbing* I'm not liking the fact that I'm wearing my fleece Eeyore pajama bottoms and fuzzy Halloween socks to try and stay warm. I DO like the fact that I just made myself a pipping hot mug of spiced apple cider! YUM!

I always feel bad for Doc and Dusty this time of year as well. Greyhounds don't like the cold either. They don't have a lot of hair to protect them from the cold. They don't like a lot of heat either because they can get heat exhaustion so easily. Basically, they need to retire to Northern Florida with the rest of the old people. I'm kidding! My friend Keonas husband Bob makes fun of us all the time because we put clothing on our dogs. Just Doc and Dusty tho. Lilly does have a shirt, but that was because when she first got here she had no hair, and we didn't have any trees in the back yard so we were worried about her getting a sunburn.

In other news!! I've decided that I'm going to link up with Giveawayscout! It's a place where you can find different giveaways! They had contacted me some time ago about linking up with them, but I just hadn't yet! I guess I should just start trying to find more places for giveaways, eh? :-)

What kinds of things would you guys like to see for giveaways??


Michele said...

Money would be nice!!

Anonymous said...

I hate the cold weather too. It sucks! I was so excited to move down here because it would be warm. Not so much right now! ha ha

In terms of giveaways, anything you want! I know that house decorations usually get the most feedback/entries. =)

Rebecca Jo said...

I get my first cold chill when it drops in the 30's (like last night) & that chill stays with me until Spring! :( ugh!

H.C. Bishop said...

I'm a 100% Cincinnati girl! :D

I love love LOVE my great hometown, I've never found any place like it.

Funny enough, I am in Hawaii where we are stationed until 2012... I can't wait to get off this rock! I need my fall, winter and spring!

(for those of you that don't know just how little the weather changes here: it's 80's during the day and 70's at night. I can't stress how much it is the SAME 365 a year.)

So you can see why I am getting really sick of island weather ! :D

That One Girl said...

Momma- when I win the lottery, I will give away money, until then, you will have to settle for stuff... LOL

Carmen- Ugh! I know what you mean!! LOL I'll be posting some "homewares" type stuff too! :-D

RJ- I HATE being cold!! Good luck with staying warm until spring!

HC- I KNEW there was something about you I liked! ;-)I still love Cincy (GO BENGALS!!) but I just realized that I didn't like snow except on rare occasions (like Christmas... LOL)! I sure do miss Anderson Township.