Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just a lil sumfin special!

I know I don't have that many people that read my blog, or at least, not many people read my blog and comment! So, I thought I would give a lil love out to the ones that do. :-D is a website where you can pick up gift certificates to local restaurants for a fraction of the cost! For a local Mexican restaurant here in Jacksonville, NC a $25 certificate is $10. Now, ordinarily, this would be a pretty good deal. Oh no! There's more!! If you enter FUN in the promo code box, you will get an ADDITIONAL 80% OFF!!!

You need to hurry tho, this offer does expire on July 12th!!

Don't worry.... I love you guys too. ;-)


A Marine's Wife! said...

so...speaking of mexican food lol

That One Girl said...

LOL I know! We will have to have Mexican food! I <3 it! I'm going to DM you my cell number... we can txt. ;-)

trooppetrie said...

I tried and it said the closest is greensboro which is about a hour away.

That One Girl said...

Yeah... there is only 1 in Jacksonville, and only 3 within a 30 mile radius... Sorry if there weren't that many for you. :-(