Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 20: A hobby of yours

Hobbies... wow.... I have a few!

I'm a budding seamstress. Granted, I'm not that good, but, I'm getting better.... slowly. I like the fact that I can take some fabric, and cutting here, and cutting there and putting it back together in a different way that is completely different and makes it so wonderful and wearable!!

Another hobby of mine is candle making. It's really fun!! I like to melt the wax, color it, fragrance... and making it my own. I love the fact that I can make a zillion lilac candles and have one in any color that I would like! If I want a bright orange lilac candle, I can HAVE a bright orange lilac candle. Can you get that if you go to Yankee Candle? NO!

I also like to write. Not that you would be able to see that by my blog as of late. I really need to start writing again like I used to. Things are just not the same. It's like the difference between regular plain vanilla flavored ice cream and ice cream that has REAL vanilla bean in it! Oh! The difference is like seeing a picture of a field full of beautiful wild flowers in color and in black and white! It's just so different when you can write expressively.

Gardening is another hobby of mine. I love to work in the dirt. I was always a tomboy growing up, so, I guess being an adult doesn't exactly change that. Both of my parents handed their greenthumb-ness down to me. I once got a popcorn seed to sprout! That's a pretty good feat! Eventually I want to put more flowers out front. I want to put flowers around the mailbox, around the Crepe Myrtle, around the other tree that we planted out front. When I have time (before our vacation) I will have to take a picture of our Crepe Myrtle. It's starting to bloom more and it's looking really fantastic!!

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