Thursday, April 8, 2010

Windy Grill

So, today it's very windy! I'm not talkin about just windy, I'm talking about WINDY, but a beautiful day none the less. Nice, sunny and warm! Just how I like my spring days.

One of Monkeys' favorite things to do is cook on the grill. I didn't really have anything planned for dinner, so, I thawed out some steaks and we grilled them! I also wrapped up some red potatoes in aluminum foil and threw them directly on the coals. The skins were just slightly over done on the coal side, but still very good!  I also made some green beans. Of course, these have to come from a can, because neither of the kids like fresh green beans because they're "too crunchy!" I would have made a side salad as well, but the kids will only eat lettuce if it's drowned in ranch dressing, so it loses most some of it's nutritional value.

Recently, we were trying to grow some Triops that were given to the kids, and bought a 1.5 gallon tank to start giving them some room. I had read on a website that snails were a good thing to put in the tank with the Triops, and so I bought 1 snail to put in the small tank. Later, all the Triops died, and we still had the snail, and a small hitchhiking snail that came along for the ride. We named him Gary and he is a blue green color, and the small one SpongeBob. Then we acquired another snail who is a very pretty blue color and his name is Squidward. We then bought a bigger tank, so we could get more snails. With the bigger tank, we also bought a new heater and filter. All together it wasn't horribly expensive, but a good investment. Today, we went with a friend of ours to help her pick out her new tank set up for her house. I also wanted to see if I could find some smooth rocks to displace the current that was coming out of the filter as to not put a hole in the sand at the bottom of the tank. We did, indeed, find a nice "rock cave" type decoration to put under the filters water fall. We also got a male Betta to replace the one Bug had stepped on many years ago. We named him Blueberry, just like the last one. He's a very pretty shade of blue, with a streak of red on each of his lower fins and they are also tipped in white! He's a very patriotic fish, if I must say so myself.

Now it's off to watch Cinderella Man. I'm sure Monkey will like the boxing, and Bug will like the love story! 

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