Monday, January 19, 2015

New direction

So, lately I've really been thinking about a new direction for my blog. What is it that I want to really talk about? What is it that I love? I really love sewing, and gardening, and my animals, and cooking! Would people really read a blog about my boring life? Obviously at one time lots of people did, but not so much any more. Is that because I'm boring? Or because I don't blog hardly at all any more? Or maybe everyone just figured out that I really AM a boring person?

There are several things that I'm thinking of doing here. One is buying my own .com. I've come up with a good name, but of COURSE I would keep my Life Along The Way, even though the .com for that is already taken. :( One of the other things that I've thought of doing is moving to Wordpress. As much as I hate to think of moving, it might be necessary. It's easier to really get things "nailed down" in WP versus Blogger. As much as I LOVE Blogger (I published my very first blog 7/30/04 on a blog I no longer write on, but still have in archives)

I will let everyone know what my final decision in when I've made it.

Thank you all for being loyal blog followers!

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pauldevine said...

Probably more so that its so easy to talk and post on social media now, i use wordpress its pretty good. I think there is a tool out there to migrate blogger to wordpress.