Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do you like to save money on kids clothes?

Then let me tell you about a great little website!!

thredUP is a really amazing website! I've been a member for quite a long time actually, just never thought of sharing about it on my blog! *DUH!*

What thredUP is, is a website that sells a TON of name brand kids clothes at a discount price. (Sometimes as much as half off the original price!) And, when you have clothes that don't fit any more, send them back, and they pay you for them! You can either use the money to buy more clothes from them, or you can cash it out. We just sent in a BIG bag of Bug and Monkeys clothes and I'm ANXIOUSLY waiting for that to show up in my account so I can get those two a few more nice things for school!

They have sizes Newborn all the way to size 20(childrens)! These are VERY nice clothes! I buy them for my children, and have never ever had a problem with them. The last order that came to our house was 2 shirts for Monkey, and a dress and capelet for Bug. On the long sleeved Tony Hawk shirt there was a little sticker on it that said that there was a flaw so it was free! (There was one on the packing slip as well.) We checked all over the shirt and couldn't find the flaw that they were referring to anywhere! This company has extremely high standards!

Also, if you join now thru my referral link (click here), you get $10 towards your first purchase! That's almost enough to buy an entire outfit!! (or a really nice pair of Ralph Lauren jeans!! ;-P)

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