Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Weigh-In

So, since I didn't really get any exercise in, I didn't expect to lose any weight... especially since I cheated a bit with some dark chocolate this week. (Okay and a glass or two of koolaide... and a glass of lemonaide at church yesterday... just keepin it real!)

But I did!! Of course, it's not a huge amount... but... it's a small step for man kind! :-D

I weighed in this morning at 206.4 so I lost just over half a pound.

I AM starting 30 Day Shred this morning tho.

Sam went to Pensacola this week for work. The first day or two I really miss him, but after that, I'm okay. This seems like it's going to be a regular occurring thing. He said that they have a few more weeks here at LeJeune, then they go to Quantico, then I think he said back to FL, then Pendleton!

He told me that there is a fitness room and a pool at his hotel, so he would start some light workouts, which is a HUGE step for him! I kinda feel bad for Sam, because when he was growing up they didn't have any money for family vacations or anything like that. Then when he got into the Marine Corps... they don't stay in hotels! LOL So, this has really been the first time that he's every really gotten to stay any place nicer than Uncle Bobs Bargain Shack. He told me how the room had a microwave, and a couch, and he could order room service! I'm sure it's the nicest room he's ever been in. We'll remedy that soon tho. :-)

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The Bug said...

Yay for you! I'm going to start WW again on Monday. I actually can't wait to get going on it. But I have to wait until then because dieting at my dad's house does NOT happen :)

I remember the first time I stayed in a "real" hotel - I was pretty darn impressed with the experience. And I had my first business trip by myself about 5 years ago - boy was THAT fun - ordering room service & such. Ha!