Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just wanted to tell you about this

So, just for a little disclosure, I did receive this product as a promotional gift, but all of the opinions are my own and I have no received any compensation other than the free use of their product.

As part of a BzzAgent campaign I received a free year of back up storage from SafeSync.

I often don't back up my information. It's just not something that I do. I figure that if something is REALLY important on my computer, then I've already got it stashed away somewhere online (facebook, myspace, picasa, and photobucket for pictures and gmail for pretty much everything else.)
I started thinking, when this promo came up, about how not everything is safe online, and how SOME things I DON'T put online. In comes SafeSync. I can upload all of my content that I want to save to SafeSync and it's safe! (hence the first part of the name) Now, say that while I'm at my Mommas next week I decide that there is an important document that I need to work on. It's stuck on my computer! Now, I could call Sam and have him email it to me, and risk him not finding the right document, or not even being able to find it at all. With SafeSync, as long as I've uploaded it, I can access it from wherever I am with a web-based interface! No downloading to Mommas computer. (I'm sure she would appreciate that!)
So far this service looks like it will be fairly easy. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. I haven't been able to see about how easy the web interface is when I'm somewhere else to retrieve it, but, I may just do that when I go down to Mommas and let you all know! :-)
Now, if you, my loyal readers, want to have some protection as well, I've got a code that you can use for a discount! If you go to SafeSync and enter the code "BZZ20" you will receive a discount when you sign up! :-)

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