Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my baby boy's 11th birthday!! 

He's growing up SO fast! I remember when he was just born. Tiny, bald, naked, and screamin his head off!  :lol My first baby, mom caught the red-eye and flew out to Colorado (Which is where we were living at the time) from Ohio (which was probably REALLY expensive being that it was a red-eye AND New Years Eve!) and was there the day he was born. He was just a perfect lil baby, and from there, it went downhill!  (Just kidding Monkey!)

Happy Birthday Monkey Man! I love you so very very much!

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Sahne said...

You were 18 when you had him? Wow! What a challenge!
PS: you can find the children's sensodyne at Walmart but it's about $4!