Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New direction.

Ever heard the expression Change is inevitable? Yeah, me too. I hate change.

Yesterday at work, we were all called into a meeting. This is never a good thing. It turns out that the client that I work for is downsizing our department. What was once a size of roughly 30, dwindled down to about 18, and as of September 14th, will only be 6. We got that news yesterday. Less than a 2 week notice that 2/3's of us will no longer have jobs in that department. I am one of those that will be leaving.

The company is trying to move us into different departments. I have taken the test to be moved, and I have seen a tentative schedule. This does not mean that I will be given a job. This does not mean that I will get a good schedule. This does mean that if I qualify for this job, and I don't take it for whatever reason, I am not eligible for unemployment, or anything other benefits.

This is a very big decision for the family. I would love to stay home and be a full time housewife. I think that Monkey needs that type of support to be able to be as successful as he can be. Bug, she still needs help as well, just not as much as Monkey. Unfortunately, this is not exactly feasible at this time. I can't leave Sam and the kids alone at night, so, working a night shift wouldn't really work well for the family. The weekends are about the only time that I get to spend with them, so I would rather not work the weekends either.

I'm sure that we will figure it out and decide what it right for our family and make it work. That's about the only way that things can go. We will make the best of the situation, no matter what happens.

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